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October was the 10th wettest in Illinois

Soil moisture improved in October in Illinois

September was Dry and Warm in Illinois

Climatologist compares rainfall from Hurricane Harvey with Chicago storms

Illinois has dry soils in mid-September

PRI researchers gain new insights into how groundwater flows within the Illinois Basin

Water Survey researchers tracked weather changes during the eclipse

August was Cool and Dry in Illinois

ISWS groundwater expert to participate in community forum on irrigation

Illinois Soils Cooler, Drier in Mid-August

Researchers study weather and climate conditions during solar eclipse in Illinois

July Conditions in Illinois Ranged from Floods to Drought

Warm Soils across Illinois in July

June was Warm with Extreme Rainfall Variations across Illinois

Warmer, Drier Soils in Illinois the First Half of June

Surveyors Collect Data on Home Elevations in North-Central Illinois for Flood Risk Project

ISWS offers a flood assessment for critical facilities

Soil Temperatures are Rising across Illinois

ISWS flood mapping program wins FEMA award for outstanding efforts

A Wet April and Record-Warm January-April in Illinois

Warm Soils Reported Throughout Illinois

A Snowy, Rainy March in Illinois

Sediment causes economic and environmental concerns in the Illinois River valley

February Breaks Record for Warm Temperatures in Illinois

Soils Were Warm Throughout the State this Winter

Well Assessment Tool Now Available for Well Inspectors

Changing Methods for Road Salt Application May Ease Environmental Effects

A Mild January in Illinois

Cold, Dry December Ends a Warm Year in Illinois


Fifth Warmest November and Second Warmest Fall in Illinois

Widespread Shallow Groundwater Contamination Found in Southwestern Illinois Cave Streams and Springs

Soil Temperatures Still Warmer than Normal

Warm October for Illinois

Soil Temperatures Warmer than Normal in Mid-October

Sixth Warmest September in Illinois

Soil Temperatures Higher than Normal in Mid-September

Record-Wettest August in Illinois

ISWS Partners on Project to Help Communities Prepare for Climate Extremes

Farmers Must Adapt to Climate Changes in Illinois

Soil Moisture Increased throughout Illinois Due to Recent Rains

Scientific Models Use Weather Data to Predict State's West Nile Virus Infection Rates

Illinois Groundwater Resources Interactive Map

Soil Moisture Increases in Southern and Western Illinois

June Was Warm and Dry in Illinois

Soils Warmer and Drier across Illinois in Mid-June

Heavy Rains Strike Parts of Illinois in May

Thunderstorms Produce Tsunami-like Waves in the Great Lakes

Cooler, Wetter Soils in Mid-May

Weather was Average for April in Illinois

New Homeowners' To-Do List Should Include Well Water Testing

Illinois has Warmer, Drier Soils in Mid-April

Report for the Urban Flooding Awareness Act

Tenth Warmest March on Record in Illinois

Illinois State Water Survey and the U.S. Geological Survey drill new deep sandstone monitoring well in Kendall County

Illinois Soils Warm Over the First Half of March

Illinois State Water Survey to Study Nippersink Creek

February in Illinois was Slightly Warmer than Normal

Soils Warmer than Average across Illinois this Winter

January in Illinois Presented Wild Temperature Swings

Midwest Experiences Warmest and Wettest December on Record

Record-Setting December Occurred in Illinois


Fall Brings Near-Record Warmth to the Midwest

Warm and Damp November in Illinois

Model Stormwater Ordinance is Now Available for Communities

El Niño and the Midwest

October: Warm and Dry in Illinois

Increased Water Demand Threatens Deep Bedrock Aquifer Water Supplies in Northeastern Illinois

September: The Ninth Warmest on Record for Illinois

Soil Moisture Rises the Second Week of September

Illinois Has a Cool, Dry August

Little Change in Soil Moisture During the First Half of August

Record Wet Conditions Continue for the Midwest

July: Cool and Wet for Illinois

Wet Soil Conditions Continue Throughout Illinois

Record June Rain, Flooding Inundates Midwest

A Rainy June Set a New Record for Illinois

Wet Soil Conditions in Illinois

May Was Warm and Wet in Illinois

Soil Moisture Levels Increased in Early May

ISWS Provides Resources for Irrigation Reporting

Above-Average Temperatures for April in Illinois

Illinois Soil Temperatures were Warm in Mid-April

Anniversary of First Hook Echo Tornado Captured on Radar

Cold, Snowy March for Illinois

Illinois has Four Odd Tornado Seasons in a Row

Soil Temperatures Increased in Illinois in the First Half of March

Seventh Coldest February on Record Wraps Up Winter in Illinois

National Groundwater Awareness Week: March 8–14, 2015

Soil Temperatures in Illinois Normal So Far This Winter

January 2015 in Illinois: Cool and Dry

2014 Marks the 4th Coldest Year on Record for Illinois


Chance of a White Christmas in Illinois

Illinois was Cold and Dry in November

October Was Wetter Than Average for Illinois

September Was Cool and Wet for Illinois

Soils Across Illinois Damp at the End of September

A Wet August Wraps Up a Cool, Wet Summer in Illinois

Soil Moisture Levels Increased in Southern Illinois with the Weekend Rains

ISWS Engineer is Selected to Serve on New FEMA Council

It's a Tie for the Coolest July on Record in Illinois

Soil Moisture High in Northern and East-Central Illinois

June in Illinois: Warmer and Wetter than Average

Soil Moisture Levels Decreasing from Last Week's Highs

May in Illinois: Warmer Than Average, Dry in the West

Increase in Soil Moisture due to Recent Rains

April in Illinois was Warm and Wet

Soil moisture levels high across Illinois

March was Cold and Dry in Illinois

Soils Remain Below Freezing at the Beginning of March

This Winter was the 4th Coldest on Record in Illinois

Wind Chill - Serious Science or Hype?

Cold January for Illinois

Study Shows McHenry County Water Supplies May Not Suffice in Future

December Finished Cold in Illinois


November 2013 in Illinois – Cold and Dry

October Rainfall Helps Soil Dryness

Midwest Regional Climate Center Announces Free Online Climate Data Tools Environment

When Will the First Fall Frost Arrive in Illinois?

September was Dry and Warm in Illinois

Soil Moisture Levels Remain Lower Than Normal in Illinois

August and Summer Were Cool and Dry in Illinois

Soil Moisture Continues to Decline in Illinois

Illinois State Water Survey Restructure Addresses Current Issues

July in Illinois–Cool and Dry

14th Illinois River Conference – Working Locally-Reaching Globally

Researchers Track Mercury in Fish from Illinois Streams

Soil Moisture Levels Decline Slightly in Illinois

Record Wet Start to the Year in the Midwest

Wet June and Wettest Year-to-Date in Illinois

Midwestern Regional Climate Center Climate Maps Available for Mobile Devices

Soil Moisture Levels Remain Slightly Above Normal

A Wet May, Spring, and Year to Date for Illinois

Soil Moisture Levels Slightly above Normal in the Middle of May

The Drought of 2012

April in Illinois was Much Wetter than Last Year

Soil Moisture Levels Near Normal for the Start of the Growing Season

Upwind Lakes Can Influence the Intensity of Lake-Effect Snowstorms over Downwind Lakes

March 2013 Was Much Colder Than Last Year

Be Prepared for Natural Disasters to Keep Well Water Safe and Clean

Groundwater Awareness Week: March 10-16, 2013

Winter Finally Arrives in Illinois in February

January in Illinois: Wet Conditions Despite the Lack of Snow

New Collaboration with the United Kingdom Focuses on Water Quality and Quantity

Illinois in 2012: Second Warmest and Tenth Driest on Record


Chances of a White Christmas in Illinois This year

Free Online Program Educates Homeowners with Water Wells

October in Illinois: Cool and Wet

September in Illinois: Cooler and Wetter than Normal

Warmest Year to Date for the Midwest, Near Normal August

Near-Normal August after a Hot and Dry Summer for Illinois

Chances of a White Christmas in Illinois This year

No Surprise: July was Hot and Dry in Illinois

June in Illinois:  Hot and Dry

Study Shows NE Illinois Should Have Enough Water to 2050

Illinois Had the Warmest Spring on Record

State Climatologist Digs up Historical Weather Records for Illinois

Stanley Changnon, Jr. 1928–2012

Study Gleans Insights on How Lake Breezes Move Through Chicago

Awareness of Flood Risk Lessens Losses

Warmer Soil Temperatures Continue Into February and March

ISWS is Pioneer in Tracking Tornadoes by Radar

March 2012 Was the Warmest March on Record for Illinois

Warmest March on Record for the Midwest

Early Warmth in 2012 and the Climatology of the Last Spring Freeze in the Midwest

National Groundwater Awareness Week: March 11–17, 2012

February Tornadoes Are Rare But Violent

Mild Winter Leads to Warmer Soil Temperatures

Measurement of Radioactive Fallout from the March 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Reactor

Study Identifies Cities Where Water Shortages May be a Future Issue in East-Central Illinois

January 2012: Where is Winter?

Rainy and Dry, Chilly and Warm: 2011 Was a Unique Year

December in Illinois: Warm with Little Snow


MRCC Climatologist Appointed to World Meteorological Organization Expert Task Team

November: An Interesting Month for Weather in Illinois

Fall 2011 Precipitation in the Midwest: From Shortage in the West to Surplus in the East

Unseasonably Dry And Warm Conditions Kick Off October In The Midwest

September: A Cool Month in Illinois

Public Meeting on Arsenic in Tolono Wells to be Held Oct. 4

High Arsenic Levels in Well Water are Scattered Across Tolono Area

August: Drought Arrives in Illinois

2011 Midwest Summer

July: A Month of Extremes for Illinois

Artificial Intelligence Scores High in Accuracy to Predict Water Contamination

Wet Month Leads to Seventh Wettest Spring for Illinois

ISWS Website for Water Supply Operators Offers New Social Media Features

ISWS Engineer is Elected Chair of the ASFPM

New Online Map Tracks Freezing Temperatures

Lessons Learned from 1950s' Heat Wave Show Planning Needed for Future Severe Events

ISWS Staff Will Measure Private Wells in McHenry County

Record-Setting Rainfall in April for Illinois

Soil Temperatures Important for Spring Field Work

No Surprises for March: Near Average Temperatures

Illinois State Water Survey program set to monitor US radiation levels

New Blog Tackles News Topics on Water Quality

Tenth Wettest February on Record for Illinois

Heavy snowfall brings joy to winter’s No. 1 fan

ISWS Scientist Honored for Contribution to Meteorological Sciences

Lake Effect Adds a Punch to the Latest Snowstorm

December 2010 in Illinois–Cold and Snowy


Warm November in Illinois

October Solar Radiation in Illinois: Record High in 2010, Record Low Last Year

November Snow Climatology for the Midwest

A Dry October in Illinois

October Was Warm and Dry in Illinois

Short-Term Weather Lore Holds a Kernel of Truth

September Experienced Near Normal Temperatures

Illinois State Water Survey and U of I Extension Team up to Reduce Flood Risk

Summer - One of the Warmest and Wettest on Record

July–Warmer and Wetter than Normal for Illinois

ISWS Climate Models Predict Extreme Heat Waves in Mid-and Late-21st Century

Second Wettest June on Record for Illinois

Fourth Warmest Spring in Illinois

Warmest April on Record for Illinois

Illinois State Water Survey to Inventory Private Wells in McLean and Tazewell Counties – Well Owners Asked to Help

ISWS Engineer Earns Designation for Expertise in Water Resources Engineering

Soil Moisture and Temperatures Dictate Spring Planting Dates

March Was Warmer and Drier than Normal

Study Provides New Insight on Fog Formation in the Midwest

Cold February Wraps Up Cold Winter

New Nanosensor Detects Leaky Water Pipes

Institute of Natural Resource Sustainability 2008-2009 Annual Report (pdf ~2mb)

Illinois State Archaeological Survey

Illinois Has Fourth Wettest Year on Record


A Snowy Christmas in Illinois is Rare

Seventh Warmest November on Record

ISWS Hydrologist Selected Young Civil Engineer of the Year

Second Wettest October on Record

Future Groundwater Supplies are a Concern for Growing Illinois Communities

September Brings Uneven Rainfall across State

ISWS Study Findings Reflect Impairment of the Fox River in Northern Illinois

Cool, Wet Summer in Illinois

ISWS Engineer is Elected Vice-Chair of the ASFPM

El Niño Not Likely to Affect First Fall Freeze

Midwest Sets Record Cold Temperatures in July

Coldest July on Record for Illinois

ISWS Researchers Monitor Soybean Rust Spores in the Atmosphere

Wet June for Illinois

Fifth Wettest Spring on Record

Severe Weather Hits Southern Illinois

Sixth Wettest April

Where is Spring?

Flood Terminology Can be Misleading

ASTM International Committee on Air Quality Recognizes Jane Rothert with Award of Merit

ISWS Scientists share in 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

February: More Rain, Less Snow

Demissie Named Director of Illinois State Water Survey

12th Biennial Conference on the Management of the Illinois River System

INRS/NRES Water Quality Seminar Series

Workshop Focuses on Modeling Research

Lake-Effect Snow Poses Challenging Questions for Meteorologists

Second Wettest Year on Record for Illinois


Cool, Dry November Finishes with First Major Snow of the Season

Regional Climate Models are Poised to Predict Future Climate of Illinois

Late October Freeze Ends Growing Season in Illinois

Two Tropical Systems Boost Illinois Rainfall in September

Arsenic in Private Wells is Hot Topic at ISWS Water Testing Lab

Cool, Dry August for Illinois

Wet Weather Challenges the 2008 Growing Season

Precipitation Totals Set Records in the Midwest

Wettest January-June on Record for Illinois

Midwest Heavy Rain and Flooding is Compared to 1993 Flood

Wet Weather Continues for Illinois

Study Shows Increasing Contamination in Chicago Area Groundwater

Third Wettest Start to Year for Illinois

Mercury Levels in Illinois Rain and Snowfall are Declining

Heavy Rain in Southern Illinois Results in Widespread Flooding

Wettest February Ends Third Wettest Winter

New Online County Maps Highlight Flood Hazard Areas in Illinois

Wide Range of Weather Hits Illinois This Winter

Illinoisans Experience Spring-like Weather in January


ISWS Scientists share in 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

Ninth Warmest Fall on Record for Illinois

Warm October across Illinois Ranks among Top Ten

2006-2007 Annual Report  (pdf ~2.5mb)

September, Warm and Dry across Illinois

August Provided Illinois with Extremes: Rainfall Records in North and Drought in South

Illinois Drought Update - 8/30/2007

Lunar eclipse photos

August Rainfall, Heaviest on Record in Northeastern Illinois

Cooler than Normal July Prevails

End-of-June Rainfall Provides Remarkable Transformation

High-density Network Measures Incredible Differences in Recent Heavy C-U Rains

2007 Governor's Conference on Management of the Illinois River System Scheduled

Dryness and Drought in Illinois

Full Text Publication Scanning Efforts

Very Dry May, 8th Warmest on Record

Cool, Wet Weather Slows Northern and Central Illinois Planting

Sixth Warmest March on Record

State and Regional Water Supply Planning Initiatives in Illinois - Southern Illinois University - March 2, 2007, Chicago, Illinois

Snowy, Wet February, 9th Coldest on Record

Water Supply and Demand in Illinois - CMAP/RWSPG, February 27, 2007, Chicago, Illinois

Water Supply and Demand in Illinois - Mahomet Aquifer Consortium, February 16, 2007, Urbana, Illinois

January Was Warmer, Wetter than Usual

Grassroots Volunteer Program Wants Weather Watchers in Illinois

2006 Ranks as 9th Warmest Year for Illinois


State and Regional Water-Supply Planning in Illinois  (pdf ~740k)

Warm November Precedes Wintry Start to December

Open Forum at Hamburger University, November 17, 2006: Studying Water Availability in Illinois

Champaign City Council Meeting November 7, 2006: Water Supply and Ethanol

Wet October, 9th Coldest on Record

September Was Cooler and Wetter than Normal

Water Supply and Demand in East-Central Illinois: Planning for the Future

Prioritizing Illinois Aquifers and Watersheds for Water Supply Planning  (pdf ~2.6mb)

Floodplain Mapping Program Web Site

The 2005 Illinois Drought  (pdf ~3.3Mb)

August Was Slightly Warmer and Wetter than Normal

Viability of Solar Power in Illinois

July Was Hot, Sticky, and Wet

ISWS Speakers Bureau

Illinois Climate Update, July 6, 2006  (pdf ~300k)

Dry June in Illinois

Illinois Drought

May Temperatures and Precipitation in Illinois Near Normal

Wet Spring Dispels Drought in Illinois

Wet March Weather Improves Drought Conditions State Wide Precipitation for March More Than 1.5 Inches Above Normal

Spring Frost Date (Illinois State Climatologist) (pdf ~300k)

Agricultural Data (soil temperatures, growing degree days, pest degree days, and soil moisture)

Drought Conditions Worsen in Dry February

Streamflow Maps (Illinois Drought)

Drought Planning for Small Community Water Systems (pdf ~3.2mb)

Illinois Drought Update  (pdf ~ 580k)

Second Warmest January on Record in Illinois

Executive Order for the Development of State and Regional Water Supply Plans

2005 Was Warm, Dry Year

December Plunges Illinois into Deep Freeze


No Drought Relief from Low October Rainfall

Rainfall above Normal over Much of Illinois during Warm September

August Rains Provide Limited Drought Relief

Co-Sponsors Encourage Participation for Oct. 4-6 Governor's Conference on Ill. River System Management

Tenth Driest June: Precip Just Half of Normal

Recent Rains Ease Drought Concerns in Western and Southern Illinois

Dry May Wraps Up 4th Driest Spring on Record

The Sediment Budget of the Illinois River

Web Resource Gives Current Weather Effects on Illinois Agriculture

New Program To Provide State-of-the-Art Floodplain Maps for Illinois

MTAC Funds Arsenic, Water Quality, and Drought Planning Research

Pre-Christmas Ohio River Valley Snowstorm Broke All Records: Storm Intensity, Size, and Damages

Warmer, Drier April Could Follow Cool, Dry March

Survey Scientists Developing WNV Forecast Tool

Illinois Frost Dates and Growing Season

Countywide Forecasts of Water Use Available for Illinois and for the Midwest

Unique Weather, A Factor in Record Yields of All Major Crops in Illinois and the Midwest in 2004

County-Level Forecasts of Water Use in Illinois: 2005-2025 (SIU) (pdf ~8.9mb)

Straddling the Divide: Water Supply Planning in the Lake Michigan Region (conference proceedings)

7th Wettest, 15th Warmest Climatological Winter on Record

Education and Outreach

Unique 2004 Growing Season Weather Conditions Resulting in Record High Crop Yields in Illinois and the Midwest (pdf ~293k)

Regional Conference Addressing Lake Michigan Water Supply

Development of the Regional Climate-Weather Research and Forecasting (CWRF) Model: Surface Boundary Conditions (pdf ~1.9mb)

Precip Statewide and Snowfall in Chicago Area Both Heavy in 6th Wettest January on Record


ISWS - Illinois Maps

4th Wettest October–November

Bacterial sulfate reduction limits natural arsenic contamination in groundwater

Storm Event Flow and Sediment Simulations in Agricultural Watersheds using DWSM

7th Wettest October Follows 4th Driest September

Maps Help with Timing of Postharvest Nitrogen Fertilizer Applications

Harvest Benefits from 4th Driest September on Record

Not Your Typical Long, Hot Summer

What Happened to Summer?

Cool Temps Continuing in July

Countywide Projections of Community Water Supply Needs in the Midwest (MTAC) (pdf ~1.3mb)

Climate Atlas Presents Comprehensive Climate Data for Illinois

Comparison of mercury in atmospheric deposition and in Illinois and USA soils

Wet May and Warm Spring Rank among Top Ten in Illinois

Concentrations and Potential Toxicity of Metals and Ammonia in Peoria Lake Sediments and Pore Water (WMRC) (pdf ~3.3Mb)

Arsenic Geochemistry and Distribution in the Mahomet Aquifer (WMRC) (pdf ~4.6Mb)

The Illinois Water Cycle

April Warm and Dry but Soil Moisture Adequate for Now

History and Instrumentation of the Public Service Laboratory

Wet, Windy March Lives Up to Its Reputation

Improved Tracking of Agricultural Pests and Crop Growth

Cool, Dry February but Warm, Dry Winter

Illinois Water Inventory Program (IWIP)

Integrated Water Quantity Planning and Management January 2004 Report  (pdf ~80k)

January Goes from Mild to Wild

An Analysis of Groundwater Use to Aquifer Potential Yield in Illinois  (pdf ~3.8mb)

Flow dimensions corresponding to hydrogeologic conditions

Changnon Honored at AMS Meeting

Energy Facilities Screening in Illinois: Mine-Mouth Power Plants (ISGS)

Mild December Wraps Up an Average 2003


Mild November Was 8th Wettest on Record

Extreme bugs found in slag dump (BBC News)

Wide Temperature Swings in October

Cool October Follows on Heels of a Cool, Wet September

Mother Nature - Friend or Foe?

Environmental and Societal Impacts of Weather and Climate

Wet Weekend Washes Away August Dry Spell in Illinois

Uncertainties in Estimating Groundwater Availability

Wet, Cool July Atypical for Illinois

Colder June Temperatures Could Signal a Colder, Wetter Summer

Arcola Data Station

Quantification of Climate Conditions Important to the Tall Grass Prairie  (pdf ~1.3Mb)

At the Confluence: Rivers, Floods, and Water Quality in the St.Louis Region (MBG Press)

Illinois Sets New Tornado Record in May

Heavy Rains Relieve Drought Concerns in Northern Illinois

Water Survey Seeks Permission of Kane County Area Well Owners for Water-Level Measurements

Deficit Precipitation over Northern Illinois Continues

“World Water Day 2003” To Be Observed on March 22

February and Winter 2002–2003 Just Plain Cold

William C. Ackermann Scholarship Recipient, March, 2003

January Cold and Dry, but Winter Temps Near Average

Winter Snowfall Pattern Topsy-Turvy in Illinois

December Temps and Precip Near Average, But 2002 Was a Warm Year


Christmas Won’t be White over Most of Illinois

Help in Preparing Emergency Response Plans Available for Small Public Water Systems

Illinois Was Very Dry, Cold in November and Fall

Water Supply Management Planning in Illinois

History of the Illinois State Water Survey

Colder, Wetter October than Average

Soil Temperature Maps Help with Timing of Nitrogen Fertilizer Application

Warm, Dry Summer Follows Warm, Wet Spring

It’s Almost Time for First Fall Frost in Illinois

Water Quantity Issues Facing Illinois

Illinois August and Summer Hotter than Average in 2002

July 2002: Hot and Dry in Illinois

The need for comprehensive and consistent treatment of the nitrogen cycle in nitrogen cycling and mass balance studies: I. Terrestrial nitrogen cycle

Hot, Dry Conditions Continue across Illinois

Alternative Crop Suitability Maps

Suitability Maps Available For Illinois Alternative Crops

Historical Climate Data Indicate More Hotter Days Likely in Mid-July

Water Survey Seeks Permission of Kane County Area Well Owners

May 2002, One of the Wettest, Coldest Mays since 1895!

Record-breaking Wet Weather across Illinois Continues

Fourth Wettest April-May Since 1895

Substantial Impacts on Midwest from Heavy Rains and Severe Weather

April 2002, A Month of Tornadoes and Severe Weather in Illinois

March 2002 Reverses Illinois Trend of Above Average Temperatures

When Can Illinois Expect the Last Spring Frost?

Arsenic Information

Wehrmann to Head ISWS Groundwater Section

Second Warmest December-February on Record in Illinois

2002 W.C. Ackermann Scholarship Awarded

Late January Storm Reduces Concerns over Dry Soil Moisture in Illinois


Warmer December 2001 Means Lower Heating Bills

Energy and the Illinois Environment - Conference Wrap Up

Warm Midwest Temperatures Set All-Time Record for November

7-Day 10-Year Low Flow Maps

October Weather Wrap up and a Look at November Weather

A Plan for Scientific Assessment of Water Supplies in Illinois

A Record-Setting October for the Central Midwest

Wetter than Average October Weather Slowing Harvest but Replenishing Soil Moisture

Daily Soil Temperature Maps Provide Help with Timing of Post-Harvest Nitrogen Applications

When Can Illinois Expect the First Fall Frost?

Late August Rains End Southeast Urbana Dry Spell

Illinois Weather Normal during Summer 2001

Data Indicate Early August Rainstorm in Cook County Unique

Rain Check Network

Strategic Management Worksheet

Soil Moisture Lacking in Parts of Illinois

Private Well Database

Illinois State Climatologist Data

Water Survey wins Web Awards

William C. Ackermann Scholarship Recipient, March, 2001

Spring Weather Information

Conditions Dry in Southern and Eastern Illinois This Spring

Illinois Rivers Decision Support System

See-sawing Temperatures Indicate Spring Has Sprung in Central Illinois

Illinois State Water Survey Overview Brochure

Nitrogen Cycles Project

December Brings Midwest Near Record-breaking Cold


Chicago Water Conference Highlights

Chief testifies to House Agriculture Committee on water quality.

Illinois Water Supplies: Is the Well Running Dry?, July 18-20, 2000

Illinois State Water Survey - Drought Assessment, July 7, 2000

Illinois State Water Survey - Drought Assessment, June 26, 2000

Illinois State Water Survey - Drought Assessment, June 23, 2000

Illinois State Water Survey - Drought Assessment, June 5, 2000

Illinois State Water Survey - Drought Assessment, May 19, 2000

Illinois State Water Survey - Drought Assessment, May 5, 2000

Illinois State Water Survey - Drought Assessment, April 14, 2000

Environmental Horizons 2000, March 27, 2000

William C. Ackermann Scholarship Recipient, March 20, 2000

Assessment of the Potential for Drought Stress in Illinois, March 8, 2000

Environmental Expo 2000, February 26-27, 2000

Spring Weather Information 2000

Winter Weather Information 2000-2001


ISWS Science Showcase

ISWS at the Illinois State Fair, Fall, 1999

Chinese Delegation visits the Survey, July 30, 1999

Winter Weather Information 1999-2000



Two New ISWS Reports Explore Highly Unusual Weather in 2008


Acid Rain Watershed Interactions Revisited  (pdf ~25k)


Prioritized Water Quality Research Plan for the Illinois State Water Survey  (pdf ~120k)

Winstanley, Derek. and Wayne M. Wendland, 2007. Climate Change and Associated Changes to the Water Budget, in "Climate Change and Variations: A Primer for Teachers (Vol. 1)", National Council for Geographic Education Special Publications, in press. (Sample Chapter 6 )


Prioritized Water Quality Research Plan for the Illinois State Water Survey  (pdf ~120k)

Evaluation of the Potential for Photovoltaic Power Generation in Illinois (pdf ~350k)

The Water Cycle and Water Budgets in Illinois: A Framework for Drought and Water-Supply Planning  (pdf ~6.8mb)


2004-2005 Annual Report  (pdf ~ 4.3Mb)


2003-2004 Annual Report  (pdf ~ 2.2Mb)

Climate Models of Illinois and Central United States: Text  (pdf ~240k)  Figures  (pdf ~15mb)

Hydrologic Modeling of Climate Scenarios for Two Illinois Watersheds  (pdf ~470k)

Hydrologic Modeling of the Iroquois River Watershed Using HSPF and SWAT  (pdf ~290k)

Streamflow Frequency Assessment for Water Resource Evaluation  (pdf ~40k)

Hydrologic Model of the Vermilion River Watershed for Streamflow Simulations  (pdf ~170k)


2002-2003 Annual Report  (pdf ~ 1.4Mb)

Uncertainties in Estimating Groundwater Availability


Water Survey Organizational Chart

2001-2002 Annual Report (pdf ~ 2.0Mb)


2000-2001 Annual Report (pdf ~ 2.0Mb)

Illinois State Water Survey Overview Brochure


A Response to "Nutrient Load Characterization from Integrated Source Data for the Lower Mississippi River," by J. E. Bollinger et al.

1999-2000 Annual Report (pdf ~ 2.4Mb)      hi-res (pdf ~ 5.1Mb)

Nitrogen in the Nation's Rain (NADP)

Illinois Water & Climate Summary (back issues)

In Support of Skepticism

Climate Change in the USA


1998-1999 Annual Report (pdf - 1.1 Mb)

Illinois in the 21st Century: the Scientific Surveys


1997-1998 Annual Report (HTML)

Winter Weather Information 1998-1999

Illinois State Water Survey

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