Evaluation of Land Application Systems for Swine Manure to Reduce NPS Pollution, Illinois State Water Survey

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Evaluation of Land Application Systems for Swine Manure to Reduce NPS Pollution

Principal Investigators: Walton Kelly, Paul Walker (Illinois State University)

Project Period: 2007-2010
Sponsor: Illinois Council for Food and Agricultural Research (CFAR)

New techniques are being used at Illinois State University (ISU) to treat swine manure and other waste materials for use as soil amendments on agricultural fields. The role of the Illinois State Water Survey is to determine the subsurface water quality, especially nitrogen dynamics. Nine shallow monitoring wells and three soil suction lysimeters have been installed on or near the ISU research farm near Lexington, IL, where several soil amendments are applied.

Findings to Date: Water samples have been collected for several years, showing minimal impact from the soil amendments with one exception. On a field where liquid- separated swine manure was applied in the subsurface via field tiles, groundwater was contaminated rapidly following application.

Selected Related Publications

Walker, P., W. R. Kelly, K. D. Smiciklas, and T. Kelley. 2009. Field Application of processed manure upon water quality and crop productivity. Journal of Agronomy 8(2):49-59.

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