7-Day 10-Year Low Flow Maps - Map Information, Illinois State Water Survey

7-Day 10-Year Low Flow Maps

Map 11. Illinois & border rivers

The low flow estimates presented here for the Illinois River and border rivers are as published in a 1988 report by the Illinois State Water Survey (Singh et al., 1988a), and represent an analysis of streamflow conditions based on data collected prior to and including the 1984 water year. The low flows on the border rivers may have changed somewhat since 1984 as a result of changes in water use and natural climatic variability. Low flows on the Upper Illinois River, for example, show a noticeable decrease in low flows since 1998 as a result of changes in the operation of the Lake Michigan diversion. The low flows on the Wabash River are expected to increase as flows have been partially regulated by upstream reservoirs. There are no immediate plans to update the Q7,10 values for this map.

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