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This area of our web site houses Illinois State Water Survey Journal Articles and other Outside Publications. While some of the authors are Water Survey staff, these documents were not published by the Illinois State Water Survey. For citation information and other issues pertaining to copyright or use of information, please contact the journal listed. For questions related to article content itself, contact the staff member directly.

Storm Event Flow and Sediment Simulations in Agricultural Watersheds using DWSM - DWSM, the dynamic watershed simulation model, was expanded with a subsurface and a reservoir flow routing schemes. The hydrology and sediment components of the model were applied to three agricultural watersheds in Illinois, Big Ditch (100 km2), Court Creek (250 km2), and Upper Sangamon River (2,400 km2) ...
D. K. Borah, M. Bera, R. Xia, Illinois State Water Survey. From Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, ISSN 0001-2351, Vol. 47(5): 1539-1559, © 2004 ASAE.

Comparison of mercury in atmospheric deposition and in Illinois and USA soils - It has been reported that most mercury (Hg) in USA soils is from atmospheric Hg deposition, mostly from anthropogenic sources. This paper compares the rates of atmospheric Hg deposition to amounts of Hg in Illinois and USA soils. The amounts of Hg in these soils are too great to be attributed mainly to anthropogenic atmospheric Hg deposition.
E.C. Krug and D. Winstanley, Illinois State Water Survey. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 8(1), 98-102 (2004) © EGU.

Concentrations and Potential Toxicity of Metals and Ammonia in Peoria Lake Sediments and Pore Water - The concentrations and potential toxicity of several heavy metals (cadmium (Cd), copper (Cu), nickel (Ni), lead (Pb), and zinc (Zn)) and ammonia in sediments and pore waters of Peoria Lake to 30 cm depth have been characterized.
Michael L. Machesky, Thomas R. Holm, Dana B. Shackleford, Illinois State Water Survey. Illinois Waste Management and Research Center, RR-107, May 2004.

Arsenic Geochemistry and Distribution in the Mahomet Aquifer - "Arsenic Geochemistry and Distribution in the Mahomet Aquifer" presents the results of a detailed study of arsenic in Tazewell and Champaign Counties. It includes spatial and depth distributions, speciation (the chemical forms of arsenic), and ther relationship between arsenic and other dissolved substances.
Thomas R. Holm, Steven D. Wilson, and George S. Roadcap, (Illinois State Water Survey), Jonathan L. Talbott, John W. Scott, (Illinois Waste Management and Research Center), RR-107, May 2004.

Flow dimensions corresponding to hydrogeologic conditions - We show that a radial flow system with a linear, constant-head boundary asymptotically reaches a flow dimension of four, while the flow dimension of a leaky aquifer is a function of time and the leakage factor. We use numerical techniques to show that a stationary transmissivity field with a modest level of heterogeneity has a flow dimension that stabilizes at two.
Walker, D. D., and R. M. Roberts, Flow dimensions corresponding to hydrogeologic conditions, Water Resour. Res., 39(12), 1349, doi:10.1029/2002WR001511, 2003. Accepted for publication in Water Resources Research,. Copyright 2003 American Geophysical Union. Further reproduction or electronic distribution is not permitted.

Water, Sediment, Nutrient, and Pesticide Measurements in an Agricultural Watershed in Illinois During Storm Events - Flow and concentrations of suspended sediment, nitrate–-N, phosphate–-P, atrazine, and metolachlor were monitored during the spring seasons of 1998 and 1999, primarily during storm events, at a tributary station (Big Ditch) and two main–-stem stations (Fisher and Mahomet) of the Upper Sangamon River watershed in east central Illinois. These three stations respectively drain 98, 622, and 932 km2 of mainly agricultural lands.
D. K. Borah, M. Bera, S. Shaw, From Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers ISSN 0001–-2351, Vol. 46(3): 657–-674, © 2003 ASAE

Effects of Future Precipitation Increases on the Hydrologic Cycle of an Illinois Basin - A key question raised by the increases in precipitation occurring during latter half of the 20th Century over Illinois and the central U.S. concerned the potential effects on the hydrologic cycle. Projections of climate change for the Midwest call for these rain increases to continue into the future, and this study sought to estimate how all components of the hydrologic cycle of a typical Illinois basin would be affected.
Stanley A. Changnon, From Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of ScienceTM (2003), Volume 96, #1, pp. 7-19

Involvement of Atmospheric Sciences in Illinois Policy Issues, 1950-2001 - Since the 1950s atmospheric scientists at the Illinois State Water Survey played proactive and reactive roles in major Illinois policy issues. Review of the 50 years of policy interactions reveals that five factors were important for obtaining successful science-policy interactions.
Stanley A. Changnon, From Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of ScienceTM (2003), Volume 96, #1, pp. 21-40

Quantification of Climate Conditions Important to the Tall Grass Prairie - The geologic history of the tall grass prairie in central North America reveals the prairie began developing 10,000 years ago after the Pleistocene ice sheets had retreated into Canada. Long climatic records, which were not available for use in earlier studies, have allowed quantification of the climate factors that helped shape the Midwest’'s tall grass prairie.
Stanley A. Changnon, Kenneth E. Kunkel, and Derek Winstanley, From Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of ScienceTM (2003), Volume 96, #1, pp. 41-54

The need for comprehensive and consistent treatment of the nitrogen cycle in nitrogen cycling and mass balance studies: I. Terrestrial nitrogen cycle     Reprinted from The Science of the Total Environment, Vol 293, No 1, 2002, E.C. Krug, D. Winstanley, "The need for comprehensive and consistent treatment of the nitrogen cycle in nitrogen cycling and mass balance studies: I. Terrestrial nitrogen cycle", Pages No. 1-29, Copyright 2002, with permission from Elsevier. Science DirectTM

A Response to "Nutrient Load Characterization from Integrated Source Data for the Lower Mississippi River," by J. E. Bollinger et al.    Reprinted from Journal of the American Water Resources AssociationTM Vol. 37, No. 5, October 2001, 1417-1419

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