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Illinois Streamflow Assessment Model


ILSAM should only be used for watershed areas greater than 10 square miles.
Considerable effort has been spent to maintain consistency in all of the flow estimates. Consistency means that, in addition to maintaining accuracy, the comparative differences in flow values from one location to another are always consistent with basic hydrologic concepts. However, users of these values are always advised to verify the consistency of the flow estimates for their particular application.
The accuracy of the flow estimate is dependent on various factors including the flow frequency, size of the watershed, and geographic region. Estimates of high flow conditions typically have the least percentage error, with a standard error generally around 10 percent. Estimates of low flow conditions typically have low standard error but percentage errors often greater than 30 percent. Percentage errors are generally lower for larger watersheds and higher for smaller watersheds. Reports cited in the references describe details on the accuracy of the flow estimates and the analyses used to generate the flow values.


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Official Illinois State Water Survey Data Disclaimer.
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