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Cook County Precipitation Network: Data Collection

Station Data

Hourly Precipitation for Friday, May 27, 2016

Map of CCPN stations
Cook County Precipitation Network
Choose a station from the map or menu, at left. Map stations are hourly data.

Stations in the text list that are not linked (N/A) are temporarily not available.

If a station is shown on the map but is not linked, then data are temporarily unavailable.
Station locations
Rain totals for the previous day 0.10" and above are displayed on the map.
Real-time precipitation data are provisional, and may be subject to change after review. By using this web site you agree to our Data Disclaimer. Data are checked and revised during the first week of every month and again at the end of the Water Year.

Archived daily data are also available for the Cook County Precipitation Network site.

Quality controlled data are available by request though the Midwestern Regional Climate Center.

On May 20th, 2015 at 2:00 PM CDT the data being reported on this site were switched to a "10-min averaged value" rather than derived from instantaneous 10-minute readings.

Additional Disclaimer: These real-time weather data do not meet rigorous standards of quality control, and are provided "as is" for general information only.

Contact: Nancy Westcott: (217) 244-0884,

CCPN Station 1 - 0.02CCPN Station 2 - 0.1CCPN Station 3 - 0.11CCPN Station 4 - 0.18CCPN Station 5 - 0CCPN Station 6 - 0.46CCPN Station 7 - 0.63CCPN Station 8 - 0CCPN Station 9 - 0.34CCPN Station 10 - 0.36CCPN Station 11 - 0.08CCPN Station 12 - 0.02CCPN Station 13 - 0.5CCPN Station 14 - 0.08CCPN Station 15 - 0.03CCPN Station 16 - 0.42CCPN Station 17 - 0.25CCPN Station 18 - 0.13CCPN Station 19 - 0.14CCPN Station 20 - 0.05CCPN Station 21 - 0.15CCPN Station 22 - 0.29CCPN Station 23 - 0CCPN Station 24 - 0.13CCPN Station 25 - 0.07

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