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The Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS) Web site is constantly changing. Ongoing Web development strives to achieve an important mission statement goal: "...collecting, analyzing, archiving, and disseminating objective scientific and engineering data and information..." The ISWS meets this challenge by providing several types of online information. The ISWS Web site provides data that is available for download, information on staff projects, and general information about ISWS operations. A staff list includes phone numbers and email addresses. A Highlights page lists recent press releases and other documents of interest.

Water supply planning will help ensure adequate and reliable supplies of clean water for all Illinoisans at reasonable cost to the year 2050. As a state, we need to know how much water will be available; how much water we will need; and options for providing additional supplies, reducing demand, and impacts and costs. To begin that effort, the ISWS has created a Web site (Illinois Water Supply Planning) to assist the decision-making process. Two areas were selected for the initial priority pilot planning effort: northeastern Illinois and east-central Illinois. The Web site provides scientific, technical, and background information to support this project. Information is available on the climate, watersheds, and aquifers for each planning area, and also statewide.

The ISWS is currently scanning more than 1,000 publications, brochures, maps, and other documents from its publication catalog. The project, ongoing for more than four years, is nearing completion. Once finished, the effort will provide online access to all ISWS reports dating back to the late 1800s, more than a century of ISWS research, data, and other work that used to be available only in paper format.

Many "behind-the-scenes" improvements are being made every day. The ISWS is trying to make most Web pages on its site XHTML compliant. New technologies also are being implemented wherever possible to provide a better browsing experience.

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