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The Illinois State Water Survey has transitioned our Outside Publications list to the ISWS Staff Bibliography   RSS feed logo

All references contained in the former Outside Publications list are now contained in the new system.

The new Refworks system now in place is a searchable database featuring citations and abstracts of publications authored by ISWS staff, with "Discover" links to full text and catalog records from the library of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Currently holds more than 1300 records and includes citations from 1942 to the present. Records may be downloaded in a variety of formats. New citations added weekly. For more information about this database, please contact the ISWS Library. RSS feed shows the 50 most recently added publications.

The "Outside Publications" list has been archived, and will be available for a limited time. Please be aware that this list is no longer updated.

Staff Bibliography FAQ
What is in the ISWS Staff Bibliography?

Citations for journal articles, books and book chapters, magazine and newsletter articles, conference presentations/posters, and websites authored by ISWS Staff during their employment at ISWS. It also includes significant works about the ISWS or its staff. The Staff Bibliography is used to produce the staff publications lists for Annual Reports of ISWS and INRS.

How are citations added?

Most journal article citations are captured using automated alerts from publishers and literature databases based on author affiliation/address. You can help by including Illinois State Water Survey in your address/affiliation on all publications. Some works (e.g., popular magazine and newsletter articles, books and chapters, conference presentations) are harder to capture from alerts. ISWS staff are encouraged to send citations to for new publications or presentations not in the bibliography.

How can I find my publications in the ISWS Staff Bibliography?

Choose "Search...Lookup by author" to find your name in the author index. Click on your name to see your publications.

How can I report errors in my citations in the ISWS Staff Bibliography?

Please send any error reports to

Can I link to my publications from my online CV or directory page?

Yes. Use this model URL:,Firstname

Use your name as it appears in the author index of the Staff Bibliography (see above).

Can I use RefWorks to create and share a list of all my publications, not just those published during my employment at ISWS?

Yes. RefWorks is a citation management tool similar to EndNote or ProCite, which is licensed by the UI Library and available to all UI faculty, staff, and students. For more information about using RefWorks and RefShare, see the University Library's RefWorks info page, or contact the Susan Braxton.

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