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Welcome to the virtual Public Service Laboratory.  Join us for an on-line tour.

This tour steps you through an initial request for a water sampling kit, demonstrations of how the chemists test water samples, and a brief discussion of how the results are used.  The final sequence is a portion of an actual tour conducted for area high school students.

DanCustomer.mpg Tds10.mpg
Dan prepares a sampling kit for a customer.

Watch the video (5.8 MB).
Sofia analyzes total dissolved solids.

Watch the video (5.1 MB).
pHalk1.mpg LaurenIC.mpg
Sofia conducts a pH/alkalinity test.

Watch the video (4.9 MB).
Lauren prepares samples for ion chromatography.

Watch the video (9.6 MB).
RuthAnnNutrients.mpg BrianWithReport1.mpg
Ruth Ann performs ammonium analyses.

Watch the video (3.1 MB).
Brian prepares an analysis report.

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As part of our public outreach effort, we provide laboratory tours for students, officials, and other interested guests.
Tests performed and instrumentation used are explained during the tour.

Brian gives a tour
Brian gives a tour for high school students.

Watch the video (7.7 MB).  

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