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Among the Water Survey's most important public services are the water analyses provided by the Chemistry and Technology section to citizens of Illinois who own private wells. The Public Service Laboratory (PSL) has a long history of testing well water samples and making recommendations for water problems of all kinds, whether they cause health or economic difficulties, or whether they're simply a nuisance. The data generated by the testing becomes a part of the Survey's record of groundwater quality throughout the state.

Each year about 1,500 Illinois residents turn to the Water Survey's Chemistry and Technology section for help. A homemaker may bring a sample of wash water that has stained the laundry orange. A farmer may bring a sample of livestock water after noting a high death rate among his piglets. A doctor may submit a sample of the tap water to be used by a patient on a low-sodium diet.

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The Mississippi River is the largest river in the United States, carrying about 40 percent of all the nation's rainfall to the sea. It discharges about 620,000 cubic feet per second into the Gulf of Mexico.

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